On starting an YouTube channel about “free to play” games in a world where free doesn’t exist.

The idea is almost like “beating the system”. “The house always wins”, but the house doesn’t have to win my money. At least not all the time.

Free to play games aren’t exactly a new concept, but I found out the approach I take in such games is somewhat unique — I have more fun figuring out how can I maximize my pixels, using an spreadsheet, than actually playing the game. If I can make it look like a spend a lot of money in an account that was actually free (or almost free), well, that’s making a statement. That’s beating the system. That’s fun.

I figured out I could help some people that don’t want to have a spreadsheet for each game, but just want to have fun. Even if they won’t min-max as I do, I can give them an idea or two.

I’m a writer at heart, but video is super popular. At a certain age, you realize that college and books aren’t enough. You need to learn from the memes. So “why not both”. (It’s “cool and edgy” to be the hipster dude, but sometimes you need to look to what is on high demand despite of your preferences if you want to get your message out there. If I can also show, why should I limit myself to tell).

In the end, this is probably the final form of my hobby — the game behind the game (disguised playing free to play video-games), that’s why I’m doing this.

I hope I can add something in the process.

Playing games on a budget since… a long time ago.